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Bleuh Moon
Bleuh Moon
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Bleuh Moon

...these stars they fall...

Ever since she was little, she has been enchanted with the power of the moon and how it glows in the dark. It is truly beautiful at every shape and somehow she feels lost when it is hidden from the sky.

It must be magical.

One day while working in her studio, it hit her upon seeing blue paint on her hands, that everything she wants to be is blue. The stars had collided in her head.

Blue was there all along, around her and inside her... she just didn't know it yet.
Just like the different shapes of the moon, every shade of blue is just as beautiful and has the ability to capture so many of the feelings and emotions that escape us.

Somehow seeing the color at that moment, she realized that this was something that lived both in her dreams and in reality because there was proof on her hands. It was something she could own and hold on to.

She could be blue.

Music was something she couldn't let go and BLEUH MOON gave her the courage to rebel.

As a little kid she would love to sit down at the piano and play the melodies in her head.

Then from the moment she played the guitar her dream and drive was to become a rockstar. No matter where her life would lead her or what music she played, that was one constant in her life and one that kept her daydreams alive.

No matter what, she could always find comfort and wild excitement in that thought... a secret kept locked in her. As she grew it became a curse for she was the only one who could see it, but a gift because she was the only one who would unlock it.

At different moments in time, she found the only way to keep her dreams alive was through rebellion. Pursuing the unexpected kept her going and fighting to forge her own path and realm for herself.

Upon her search to find her sound and the music in her, one of the scariest moments for her was abandoning her classical and metal worlds and beginning something new…. stepping into somewhere dangerous.

Armed with her computer, keyboard, guitars, and microphone she delved into the shadows of her mind and began to create. She began writing her own music and from that moment on she couldn't look back.

All of the sudden she discovered all these feelings that she never knew she had and desperately wanted to keep them safe. So she hid away in her studio trying to understand and figure them all out. Setting them free, these emotions became her music.

Hiding away in her studio and becoming vulnerable…… can be a scary place there.

But it is only in the dark moments, at the thought of giving it all up or losing it all, that you can see your stars and know in your heart it is worth fighting for. She braves all the dark clouds because music is her heart and she could never truly be happy without it.

It is dangerous not to do what you love.

She is so excited to be in this moment and share her music with you.

Her biggest wish for all the dreamers and rebels out there is for them to follow their hearts and never lose their dreams.

Glow in the dark like a gem in the rough because you can be anything.


marybeth manarchy


Bleuh Moon